Don't Drop the Soap is a controversial prison-themed board game, designed by art student John Sebelius as a class project at the Rhode Island School of Design.


Don’t Drop the Soap is a board game that consists of six levels. The game set comes with five tokens. Three of the tokens represent human figures: Sal "The Butcher", a muscular character called "Anferny", and "Wheelz", a wheelchair-bound token. The other two tokens are a bag of cocaine and a handgun.[1] The game revolves around prison life with the ultimate goal of players being able to make parole.[2]

The title of the game refers to a phrase sometimes used in reference to rape in mens' prisons.[2] Within the game, if a player "drops the soap", that player is required to return to the beginning of the board.[2] The game carries a warning label that it is intended for mature players only.[2] The game went on sale in a Lawrence, Kansas hobby shop on January 31, 2008 and is also sold on Sebelius' website.[1]


The game was created by John Sebelius as a class project at the Rhode Island School of Design. Sebelius is the son of former Kansas Governor and current Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and U.S. Magistrate Judge K. Gary Sebelius.[1]


The game was almost immediately criticized for its content. The National Prison Rape Elimination Commission, a U.S. bipartisan panel aimed at curbing prison rape, condemned the game.[3] They stated, in part, ". . . the title of the game and its website’s reference to 'being cornered by the Aryans in the Shower Room' are coarse popular references to rape in prisons, making light of a serious and all-too-pervasive violent sex crime." [4] Sebelius and the game were also criticized in the media.[5]

Sebelius stated he did not condone prison rape, that the game was meant as a lighthearted spoof and for entertainment purposes only.[3] As media reports surfaced of the game, Governor Sebelius’ office stated that both parents "are very proud of their son John's creativity and talent. [1]


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