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Cherry Ames' Nursing Game, or Cherry Ames: A Nurses' Training Game is a 1959 Parker Brothers roll-and-move track board game for 2 to 6 players. It was based on the Cherry Ames juvenile series of mysteries[1] written by Helen Wells and Julie Campbell Tatham, and published by Grosset & Dunlap. The game was one of the few games in American board game history to depict women in a generally positive way.

Game playEdit

The object of the game is to "travel around the board, which represents the various phases of hospital training, obtain six rings, and be the first to graduate."[2] The introduction states:

"In this game each player becomes a student nurse and takes the many phases of hospital training to win finally the treasured "cap" and become a full-fledged nurse."[2]

Players move their tokens through maze-like corridors and hospital rooms collecting six colored rings as they do so. They then attempt to leave the board at the space marked 'Graduate'. The first to leave the board is the winner. The game is complicated by bumping players either forward or backward, instructional cards such as "You have stumbled onto the secret of the "Broom Closet"! Take any ring from the board", and "Dr. Wylie said to Cherry, "Wipe that rouge off your face!" Move back four spaces".[1]


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